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    Wang Shi laughed and said: "If there was no self in the world, how lonely it would be."

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    Although Zhang Ning was awake, the preface was over. Yan Ziyun was also a smart person, so he knew that Zhang Ning didn't know where he was, and he was very surprised. But Yan Ziyun did not go into details first, but took Zhang Ning's hand and went to the three-way and four-way formation. To the curious Sister Wang and others, she said triumphantly: "This is my only seedling, Zhao Ning." "Zhang Ning." Zhang Ning had no choice but to correct him. "You are the only man left in my Trieu family. You have to think about the Trieu family. What if you have the Truong family and the Trieu family? You have two sons, one is Trieu and the other is Trieu." Truong." Yan Ziyun said politely. Zhang Ning just frowned and said nothing. After Yan Ziyun said nonsense, he officially introduced Zhang Ning, saying this is my cousin, handsome and talented. He also introduced his four sisters to Zhang Ning. Sister Wang is called Wang Yuanguang, the sister who presides over the formation is called Li Mudan, and the other two sisters are called Chen Hongyu and Qian Susu. "My Thien Dinh sect is a great sect of Heaven, spread to many places." After introducing the sisters, Yen Tu Van was a bit proud, then curiously asked: "Bear sister, where do you live, what else do you have?" You don't know where this is? "Where are you surprised to come here?" The four senior sisters of Thien Dinh Tong have relaxed their vigilance a lot, but still pay more or less attention to Truong Ninh, but they are not Tieu Hoa, and they still have Basic awareness when going out. Zhang Ning didn't care, and just replied: "But he went to the world of Fengyue and defected to Li Yuanba. He settled in a village." Yan Ziyun lives up to the name of Li Yuanba. In fact, as long as you pay attention to Zhang Ning, you will know that Zhang Ning has a good friend who has been missing for many years, named Li Yuanba. As for the Phong Nguyet world, I have never heard of it. After all, heaven and earth are too big, and there are as many names of heaven and earth as bull heads, so it is normal that I have not heard of it. But Yan Ziyun was quite worried when he heard that Zhang Ning settled in a village, and said: "Then Li Yuanba is not a bad person. He even took you to settle in a village? Could it be that you "He can't plow the fields in the village? Even though you and I have just come out of Da Qi, our cultivation levels are low. But my talent is very good, your talent should be higher than mine. Why do we have to hang around in the countryside?" village? That's it. You follow me to Thien Dinh Tong, although Thien Dinh Tong has very few men, in other words, every man is a treasure, brother, you are so handsome, you must be so handsome. loved by junior sister, at that time choose three or five, to pass on the bloodline to our Trieu family." The first part of this sentence is quite serious, but when it comes to the second part, it reveals the hooliganism of women. Sister Vuong Nguyen Quang couldn't listen anymore, so he patted Yen Tu Van's head. Yen Tu Van turned his head and smiled brightly. Zhang Ning was very helpless and said: "Don't worry about my cousin, I have a beautiful wife. Currently, Xiuxiu is practicing Buddhism in a nunnery near the village, but I can't be without." Ziyun heard this quite surprised, then he happily said: "Okay, it's good to have a beautiful wife. I remember that Xiuxiu is your childhood sweetheart. That's great. You should hurry up and have a precious son. When you give birth to a son, remember to have the surname Trieu." Two of Yan Ziyun's four sisters looked strange. In the spiritual world, having two wives is truly rare. Symbolizes large, trotters. Truong Ninh was reluctant and had to change the subject, asking: "Cousin, where is this? I just had a party, and then I don't understand why I came here. Ly Nguyen Ba sat next to me, disappeared again without a trace." traces." She said that Zhang Ning was considered a bit cold, but in front of this crazy woman, she couldn't be cold anymore, and she was really lost. Yan Ziyun also thought of this thing, looked up at the sky and said: "This is called Realm Realm. Rumor has it that the world began and all things grew. At that time, humans and demons had the same origin, and they cultivated demons. Afterwards, Yan Jun attained the Tao for the first time, and established the Yin Division of the Shinto Sect. After that, the Taoist ancestors attained the true Tao and passed it on, and they were immortal cultivators. The Buddha and the Buddha demon also attained enlightenment one after another. There are Buddha cultivators and demon cultivators, among them is a true demon, called the demon saint, who also has the opportunity to become a great saint of the demon sky, but fights in the same void. The great demon fiercely, in the end both fell, finally forming the true demon world, in the demon world there are demon saints and great demon corpses, for demons and demons, it is quite beneficial. . , this world was purchased by the demon sect, seventy-two bamboo slabs were established, every hundred years, the bamboo slabs will be brought by disciples, the bamboo slabs are scattered all over the sky, I think where you participated, someone kept it. that bamboo card, but they didn't know its use, so they brought you to this world. The body of the demon saint, named Chunyang, is of great benefit to the cultivators of immortality and Buddhism. There is a demon flower born in the head of the great demon, which is very beneficial to the cultivators of the demon, the great clan is well, so every ten years, there will be a fierce battle. Although my Tiandingzong is considered strong, I haven't won the pure yang flower for a long time. " Zhang Ning understood. It turned out that it was a corpse, he walked on the corpse, no wonder there were so many demons and monsters in the demonic energy, perhaps these monsters were caused by the thoughts of The true devil was born before death. For the devil's head, a pure yang flower was born. Zhang Ning was a little surprised, but not shocked. But mono yin is not major, mono yang is not major. Demons come from Yin, but they are not Yin. Buddha comes from Yang, but it is not Yang. Tao is the harmony of yin and yang. A bit of pure yang in the demonic element can be the key to the desire to become home great sage of the demon world. But after understanding, Zhang Ning was still worried about where to find Li Yuanba. Furthermore, Yan Ziyun and others from Tiandingzong came together, but they separated again. But It's easy to explain, after all, the Thien Dinh Sect had obtained the bamboo voucher for many years, so there was a way to go in together. And they rushed in. As Yan Ziyun said, the Tianding sect is a strong sect, but it has not had its pure flower for many years. Furthermore, even if she could get the Pure Duong flower, her little sister would not be able to get it. She just came to join the fun, and doesn't care about any pure sunflowers. Therefore, Yan Ziyun cared about his cousin again. First, before in Daqi, Zhang Ning cared very much for Yan Ziyun, and Yan Ziyun remembered that in his heart. Second, Zhang Ning took good care of her, which made Yan Ziyun feel bad. It's obvious that I'm your cousin, yet I shamelessly call you my cousin. It is truly irreversible. So, Yan Ziyun rolled his eyes, stretched out his slender and delicate arm, hooked Zhang Ning's neck like a female thug, and said loudly: “Cousin, don't worry, even though in this real world there are lots of risks. But you can rest. Don't worry, your cousin will protect you. Ly Nguyen Ba can rest assured. As long as you're alive, I will protect you. If you die, there's nothing you can do. rely on Yan Jun to protect you." Zhang Ning really had no choice but to look up. Xiang Yan Ziyun pushed Yan Ziyun's hand away and said: "Cousin, can you be more serious? " "Are not. This is me." Yan Ziyun shook her head and refused very easily. Since the former No. 1 beauty in the world, since letting herself go, she has gone further and further on the path of female madness. Don't say Truong Ninh refuses. can't stand it, even her senior sister can't stand it. The five members of Tiandingzong's master and sister are here because they have consumed a lot, and they need to take the pills here to replenish their food energy. Now that the senior sisters have finished replenishing their true energy, they don't want to listen to Yan Ziyun's nonsense. Li Mudan, who presided over the formation, tidied up the formation, stood up. and said: "It's late, let's go." "Okay." Wang Yuanguang, Chen Hongyu and Qian Susu also spoke. Immediately, Tiandingzong's four sisters began to form a formation, but Wang Yuanguang's sister holding the sword in front, Chen Hongyu and Qian Susu were on both sides, while Li Mudan, Yan Ziyun and Zhang Ning were pulled into the formation, guarding the middle. Li Mudan was in charge of the formation and was naturally protected, while Yan Ziyun is the younger sister with the lowest cultivation base. As for Zhang Ning, he was drawn to Yan Ziyun and thus protected. “Don't worry, my cousin will protect you.” Nhan Tu Van said confidently. And she herself was clearly covered by her seniors. Zhang Ning is not easy to explain, so he is free. However, Yan Ziyun's four sisters are actually much stronger than Zhang Ning. It is very easy to deal with these monsters born of evil energy. After all, Truong Ninh has only been in Phong Nguyet World for a few years. Even if he has been in the illusory world, it hasn't been long, and his cultivation level is only at the initial stage. The only thing Zhang Ning is better at than them is that he can convert magical energy for his own use without fear of consumption. These days, Dingzong's sisters are not doing well, but from time to time they have to sit down and swallow medicinal pills to replenish their real energy. Every time at this time, that sister Li Mudan will sacrifice three talents and four poles for protection. Zhang Ning was actually covered all the way by Yan Ziyun, heading towards his head. According to Yan Ziyun, they were currently on the back of the real demon, and there was still some distance from the head. Whenever given the formation of three talents and four poles, Yan Ziyun would connect with Zhang Ning for a while, chatting a lot. Really, if her fans in the Daqi world see her again, they will definitely not believe their eyes. Although he was still the same person, his temperament and tone had changed too much. And just like Yan Ziyun said, this is her, it's just a disguise. "Cousin. Really. Take this opportunity to return to Thien Dinh Sect with me, you can join Thien Dinh Sect, as long as you join Thien Dinh Sect, you will be famous, as for the two junior sisters, Later, they will also welcome the Thien Dinh Sect "That's it. Although I don't know where Fengyue is, there are definitely records in Tiandingzong, and it won't be very difficult to contact. " Yan Ziyun sat next to Zhang Ning, hooked Zhang Ning's shoulder and was fascinated. Zhang Ning repeatedly pushed this naughty salty pig's hand away, but Yan Ziyun hooked him up many times, Zhang Ning's face was also rough. , so it's okay. He put the knife back into its sheath and said: "Brother, I'm really not interested in joining the Thien Dinh sect. For me, the means don't need to be too advanced, just getting started. It doesn't matter where you are." practice, as long as you have Xiu talent, just Huqi by my side is enough." Yan Ziyun wouldn't understand Zhang Ning, after all, the cousin she knew was too one-sided. Isn't it true that the higher the method, the deeper it is? Isn't the stronger Shimen the better? “What an unfamiliar cousin.” Yan Ziyun said angrily. Then Yen Tu Van chatted enthusiastically with Truong Ninh, mainly because she spoke and Truong Ninh listened. And Tiandingzong's four sisters adjusted their breathing separately. This type of situation is normal. Since Truong Ninh joined the team, he has experienced it three times, this is the fourth time. But this time there was a certain anomaly. "Tut, tut!!!" At this moment, endless magical power surged. Immediately after, a sharp and shrill sound rang out. It seemed to be the sound of a mouse, but it was sharper and shriller. And there's a fierceness to it. "That's right. This is the flying squirrel. In the Real Demon Realm, the most ferocious and powerful monster is born from the corpse of a real demon." The actual energy in the four sisters' bodies fluctuated for a moment, and they opened their eyes one after another. Sister Wang Yuanguang said with an ugly face. Among the five members of the Tiandingzong group, except for Yan Ziyun who is a trash person, the remaining four sisters are all extremely strong, and they don't panic and don't cause trouble when something happens. But at this moment, everyone changed color, which showed that this monster was extremely powerful. Yan Ziyun also muttered for a while, pulled Zhang Ning's hand and said: "Cousin, hide behind me. This so-called flying squirrel is really powerful. It is truly a rare meeting, and we actually encountered it." hand out, and pulled the magic knife from his belt. Yan Ziyun quickly used force to press Zhang Ning's hand back, and struck back the magic knife that was about to be pulled out of its sheath. "Don't be brave. Now is not the time to be brave and cruel. Don't think you are invincible in Daqi's world. A delicate flower like us will wither when a gust of air blows by . Don't worry, I have senior sister to protect me, it's okay." Yen Tu Van patted her great chest, revealing her confidence. Although Yan Ziyun said a lot of nonsense, the information she gave was completely accurate. Tiandingzong is a strong sect, and these four sisters are the strongest among their colleagues. Even though he felt unlucky to meet Momonga, and knew it would be a difficult fight, he did not give up. The four sisters took action. "First use the Three Thousand Four Poles to consume the flying squirrel, then we'll go up." Sister Vuong Quang Nguyen calmly gave instructions. "Yes, sister." The three nuns said in unison. Although everyone is more beautiful than others, and people are more beautiful than others, they are also heroic and heroic, and women do not give way to men. Truong Ninh also let go of the knife and stood looking. At this moment, the flying squirrel appeared. It's the name of the weirdo, it's a winged rat that looks like a mouse. The wings are like a bat, one big and one small, looking very disgusting. With a mouse-like shape, the hair all over his body stands up like needles. Bright red eyes, very strange. The tail is short and small, the hind legs are strong, the front legs are small. The person stood up, flapped his wings in the air and flew towards him. This is also a monster raised in demonic aura, powerful, the demonic aura surrounding it makes it feel like a fish in water, squeaking, very ferocious. Zhang Ning felt that with the cultivation of these sisters, he could barely deal with one of them. And Zhang Ning noticed that there were people around. There were real people.

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    The voice echoed in the stone room, as if replying. The old man stood for a while, then sat directly on the ground, his back leaning against the jade coffin, closing his eyes and saying to himself: "I have arranged the funeral and will definitely fulfill the promise I made that year. If they are stubborn, I will not stand still, wondering in three directions, how can I be willing to bend my back."

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    When everyone left, the haggard beggar was still squatting under the eaves, watching the behavior of Ling Langya and the narrator, his sleepy eyes revealed a thoughtful look, then he quietly disappeared in the crowd. winter.

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    The five people heard the sound and looked around, only to see a dark night, a flickering light outside the door, and a young man in a white shirt suddenly appeared in front of everyone.

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    The moon shines brightly in the sky, bamboo shadows spin, strong men confront each other, murderous aura suddenly surges.

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    Ho Hu suddenly screamed, covered his ears with his hands, and immediately fell down.

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    Divine sword sect. Before that, the Divine Sword Sect was the strongest Jianghu organization in Daqi. Everyone knows that sooner or later this Great Weapon will belong to the Divine Sword Sect. But that's just a guess, just a guess at the trend. And now, it has come true. Enthronement ceremony. This time seems to be the birthday of Sword Saint Ninh Tam, but in fact it is the ceremony of enthroning Sword Saint Ninh Tam to the throne. Ning Xin can also be seen as a powerful official who seeks to usurp the throne, while representatives of the nine major powers, experts from all walks of life are present, or representatives of the powers are all former royal officials. Sword Saint Ninh Tam only said one sentence, can I ascend to the throne? No one spoke up, no one dared to speak up. Thus, Ning Xin, the sword sage, ascended the throne. From then on, there will be no other voices in the rivers and lakes, only the voice of Dao Sheng Ning Xin. Nine major powers, thirty-six first-rate powers, what kind of nonsense is this local tyrant. Everyone is a courtier of the Divine Sword Dynasty. “Why don't you say anything?” Hien Vien palace Tran Nguyen Tu raised his eyes to look at monk Nguyen Tu and signaled with his eyes. Chen Yuanzi's middle-aged face was very handsome, his ears were drooping and his shoulders were kind. He was wearing ordinary clothes, with a flower crown on his head, looking like a fairy. This Chen Yuanzi is the current palace master of Xuanyuan Palace, Shi Yuanzi's younger brother, and has an extremely high status in Xuanyuan Palace. But Hien Vien Palace and Phap Hoa are both very rooted in origin, and there is Miao Hong, but there is the Taoist and Buddhist background that exists. The reason why Zhang Ning's magic knife was placed in the Lotus Temple was because the Lotus Temple was unusual. As the two great forces of Buddhism and Taoism, if the two sides join forces, they will be able to fight against the Divine Sword Sect. Tran Nguyen Tu originally thought that monk Nguyen Tu would object, but at this time monk Nguyen Tu was like carving wood, so he was very confused. "Why am I talking?" Monk Yuanxiu smiled and glanced at Chen Yuanzi and signaled with his eyes. Monk Yuanxiu made up his mind, drank wine and ate meat. Although he was a generous person, he had never killed anyone. Although he was an outstanding monk, he was also a strange Buddhist monk. Some Taoist and Buddhist sects will associate with each other, and some will not trade with each other. After all, Taoism is huge, and Buddhism is not small. Like the so-called three thousand Dharma, Buddha Dharma is boundless. These three thousand are not the art of three thousand, but are taken from Dao giving birth to one, one giving birth to two, two giving birth to three, three giving birth to all things. These three thousand also refer to boundless martial arts. Both sides are equal in talent and strength. If there are lineages, there will be factions and enemies, and if there are lineages, they will look at each other and help each other. The Xuanyuan Palace and the Lotus Temple were not at odds, but the strange monk Yuanxiu caused many bullies in the Xuanyuan Palace to quarrel, including Chen Yuanzi. Seeing Monk Nguyen Tu's appearance, Tran Nguyen Tu couldn't help but frown. think. "Why did Phap Hoa Temple send this strange monk out? If Phap Hoa Tu did not take action, I, Xuan Vien Palace, would not be able to independently fight against the Divine Sword Sect. It seems that we can only close the mountain gate." retreat." From Gypsy. The Divine Sword Sect will absolutely not attack the door." Come? If the Divine Sword Sect comes to attack, I will not be afraid of Xuan Vien Palace, my background is solid, I can't fight back, please ask the people from the upper world help. It's impossible to receive "tribute" anyway. This is Ye Luzi's background and roots. Zhengmiaohong's distinction is gone. Monk Yuanxiu once told Zhan Tianya that the Lotus Temple and Palace Xuanyuan Palace is not afraid of what the Divine Sword Sect really wants to do. It's just that Xuanyuan Palace and Phap Hoa Temple cannot compete with the Divine Sword Sect alone, and can only wait for the Divine Sword Sect to flourish and then decline. Proverb There is a saying that when one thing decreases, the other increases, each other goes up and down. The world has ups and downs, the Demon Sword Sect prospered for a thousand years, the Hien Vien Palace declined for a thousand years. When the Divine Sword Sect weakened, the Hien Vien Palace also did. will restore strength. This is the principle of nature. “Fusheng Wuliang Tianzun.” Chen Yuanzi raised his eyebrows and declared, then let it go. "Okay, since no one is dissatisfied, then my Divine Sword Sect will arrange the world from now on." Sword Saint Ninh Tam said faintly, seemingly without sadness or joy, "Congratulations to Sect Master Trinh Vo Duc for ruling the world." “Congratulations to Patriarch Trinh Vo Duc for ruling the world.” The high-ranking members of the Divine Sword Sect stood up one after another, bowing before the sword sage Ning Xin, very fanatical, and their voices were very excited. The so-called unification of rivers and lakes. Literally. The lord of the previous millennium was the Blood River God Sect, and the lord of the Millennium Society would be the Divine Sword Sect. The Divine Sword Sect was not a legacy, but was enforced by the leader of the Divine Sword Sect, Dao Sheng Ning Xin. gathered. Those gathered were all loyal to the Divine Sword Sect. But at the same time, it was also seeking fame and fortune. Many high-ranking members of the Divine Sword Sect were promoted single-handedly by Ninh Tam For example, Tengu King Puppy. Wang Xiaogou was originally an ordinary person. After joining the Divine Sword Sect, he achieved many feats, not only did he have superior internal skills, but he was also taught by Ninh Tam. As a result, he flourished. Everyone knew that what Dao Sheng Ning Xin wanted was nothing more than rights, and everyone was willing to help Dao Sheng Ning Xin achieve his wishes. And their status, reputation and wealth will also increase with the tide. Therefore, the people of the Divine Sword Sect were naturally extremely excited. Li Lele was the only one who didn't boo the crowd, but he also stood up. Not to mention the high-ranking members of the Sword God Sect present, the disciples of the Sword God Sect, and even the more than a thousand guests present also stood up. Including Chen Yuanzi, Monk Yuanxiu, Zhan Tianya, prodigal son Tianya, etc. People like this stand up and just follow the crowd. There are also people who see that the nine great forces do not say a word and the demon sword sect is running amok, so they are willing to take the extra step and become lackeys. They shouted along with the people of the God of Swords and Spears, and they shouted very loudly. The magic knife teaches this thigh, it's still too late to hold it tight. It's interesting to think about it, the world is unified. As for Ninh Han, she looks like a rock on the outside, but inside her heart is as hot as fire. She only wants power. Now that she has reached the pinnacle of power, she is really happy. Therefore, Ninh Han's expressionless face revealed a smile. In a smile, but also a bit of regret. It is very easy. It is very easy. Maybe it's cheap. If what you want is too easy, you won't find it very interesting. With great power in his hands, Ning Xin, who had successfully ascended the throne, felt a bit regretful. At this moment, the knife moved. “Buzz!!!” The magic knife itself rang, emitting a sound like a bee flapping its wings, a wave of demonic energy rose up, this demonic knife was not pure, but had demonic energy. This knife is not pure. Ning Xin's magical nature is also impure. This sudden change surprised everyone in Baichuan Hall, even the members of the Divine Sword Sect, although it was rumored that the sword of master swordsman Ning Xin was a divine sword with boundless power. But there are very few people who truly see the power of the magic sword. Even the Divine Sword Sect's superiors saw nothing but a spear in its sheath. This is the first time I have seen such a situation. “Could it be that the self-proclaimed Divine Dao promised to be the leader to rule the world?” A high-ranking God of Dao Sect looked happy, and the remaining members of the God of Dao Sect were also extremely happy. they heard those words. Only monk Yuanxiu, who knew some secrets, looked at Zhan Tianya and thought, could it be him? at this time? "Ha ha ha ha ha!!!" Ninh Han suddenly laughed, extremely enthusiastic. Ning Xin picked up the magic knife, jumped up, and rushed out of Baichuan Hall. "It's so easy to get, it's really tasteless. Only by defeating the strong can you get everything. You came at the right time, I will kill you as a sacrifice, to rectify your reputation as the best in the world." me." world, and enhance my reputation even further. The driving force of my swordsmanship sect." Monk Yuan Xiu, Zhan Tianya looked at each other, then stood up and rushed out. Except for these two people, Daqi masters were present, or representatives of the powers , or the people of the Divine Sword Sect were unaware of anything for a while, and then there was a commotion. "Someone is coming, there is a strong enemy, let's go protect the leader." Wang Tieu Cau was the first to stand. got up and rushed out. In the blink of an eye, all the experts and disciples of the Divine Sword Sect rushed out of Bach Xuyen Palace. Li Lele frowned, sighing in her heart, is that person really here? I really don't wanted to collect that person's body. Li Lele sighed deeply, carried Hei Qin and walked out. And the masters in the hall were also surprised and disturbed. "Who's here? " "It seems that today the leader of the Ninh Tam Divine Sword Sect wants to ascend the throne, it's a bit chaotic. "The world, the world will be too boring." The masters made eye contact with each other for a moment, then rushed out. The prodigal Thien Nhai put away the white paper fan and shook her head thinking. “Is he here?” Son of Thien Nhai, in the jianghu, besides Tieu Dao Hau, I can't think of anyone else who can make Sword Saint Ninh Tam sword master react like that. In the blink of an eye, all the diners in the Baichuan Hall disappeared, leaving only countless maids in chaos in the Baichuan Hall. Outside the Baichuan hall, there is a large open space. Sword Saint Ninh Tam stood in the top position, the sound of the magic sword in his hand became faster and faster, and the rising demonic energy was terrifying. The senior disciples of the Divine Sword Sect stood behind sword master Ninh Tam, while thousands of guests lined up from afar, or on the roof, or simply standing on other hills to monitor the situation. Fear of harm to the fish in the pond. Many people are also curious who is qualified to become Dao Sheng Ning Xin's strong enemy. Soon the answer was revealed. I saw a dark cloud flying in the distance, no, this was not a black cloud, this was a cow, a very handsome and exotic cow. There is a bell and a small cloth bag around the cow's neck. The four claws create wind, flying clouds, and mist. Sitting on the back of a buffalo is a young man, this young man is very handsome, wearing white clothes flying like a fairy, hanging on his side is a golden knife, the golden knife shines like gold, it has a golden color, and it seems to be the color of the true energy of Buddhism. “Indeed it is him.” The child of Thien Nhai showed such a smile on his face, then folded the white paper fan into pieces, holding the fan with his left hand, opening his right hand, and vigorously patting his palm. fan. “Indeed it is him.” Chien Thien Nhai also recognized Truong Ninh, he was truly reassured, it was truly a disaster for ten years. That was definitely not what the Zhan Family wanted to see the Divine Sword Sect dominate the world. Now Zhang Ning turned back to pick up the knife, he was facing Ning Xin, the leader of the Divine Sword Sect, Zhan Tianya was full of trust in Zhang Ning. "Seniors!" Vuong Thiet Kiem frowned, what are you doing here, senior? "No name!!!!!!!!!!!!!" More and more people shouted, it turned out that Truong Ninh had shown his face many times after all, his face, even if he didn't know anyone, he would know who it was. when hearing people around call "No Name". “Is he just anonymous?” Tran Nguyen Tu glanced with some interest at Truong Ninh, the old man of Hien Vien palace, but he had heard of him for a long time and had never met him before. The unknown Zhang Ning, the world's leader before sword saint Ning Xin, was very famous for a while, he thought he had gone far, but he was still there. And it turned out that it was the behind-the-scenes monitor of the Blood River God Sect. It must be known that thousands of years ago, Gong Changtian summoned the forces of rivers and lakes to deliver a devastating blow to the Blood River God Sect. Now among the high-ranking treatises passed down from Xuanyuan Palace, there are many records about Gong Changtian. Holding a magic knife in his hand, he was literally shaking the world and crying demons and gods. Wait, magic knife? Could it be this knife? Standing on the roof, Chen Yuanzi looked down at the self-pronounced magic knife in Ning Han's hand, and felt like he was in a fog and knew the truth. "Amitabha." At this moment, a Buddha signal rang out. Right after that, Master Vien Quang appeared in the open space, with kind eyebrows and kind eyes. But between the eyebrows there was a sigh. Previously, Truong Ninh gave him the knife, but he overlooked a big problem. In the end, Ning Xin became a sword slave, almost creating an endless sea of blood. Everything originates from him. Outside the Bach Xuyen hall, countless Heavenly World experts raised their heads to look at the sky. This battle can scare ordinary charlatans to death, good. Even Truong Ninh was a little surprised, why were there so many people? Zhang Ning accompanied Niu Er all the way, flying through clouds and fog. Although he also ate some tofu halfway, he didn't hear any news about the Divine Sword Sect, so he was very confused. But it doesn't matter. Today I just came to get the knife. I'll get my knife, there's nothing shady about this, right? Although Zhang Ning wanted to keep a low profile, he gradually moved around the world. He not only saw great storms and turbulence in Qi, but also saw many demons and monsters. This scene, of course, resembles a small quagmire. "Master, something seems wrong, let me take out a big ax and help you chop people?" Niu Nhi looked at the ground, afraid that the world would not be chaotic, and wanted to kill in all directions. My great ax has been thirsty for a long time. It hasn't been cut in ten years. Why. “I just came to get a knife, not to kill someone.” Truong Ninh patted Niu Nhi's head, signaling her not to think anymore. “Go down.” Truong Ninh said. "This." Niu Er sighed helplessly, he couldn't cut people. When can I kill? She had lost her big ax before and wondered when she would get mine back. It's okay now, I'm wondering when I can kill someone. Zhang Ning is a big character, and Niu Er is also a top big monster in the small world, so he is high-spirited, arrogant and arrogant. With a "poof" sound, the clouds and mist dispersed under the cow's hooves, and the cow's hooves landed on the stone slab, emitting a sharp sound. "Master." Truong Ninh turned away from Nguu Nhi, then clasped his hands and bowed towards Master Nguyen Quang. Zhang Ning has always respected this prominent monk, and this time he also caused trouble for Master Yuanguang. "Amitabha." When Master Nguyen Quang met Truong Ninh again, there were literally thousands of words in his heart, but in the end it only turned into a Buddha's name. After seeing Master Nguyen Quang, Truong Ninh stood up, looked at Ninh Tam and said. : "I'll go get the knife."

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    The old beggar looked around, greeted the three remaining people and then sat down on the bench together. His memories were all of happy times when traveling together through rivers and lakes. At this time, he looked at two people not far away. , and a reunion scene was staged.

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    But at this moment, the night is dark, windy and rainy. Thick night covered the sky and earth, torrential rain fell on the branches and leaves of the jungle, creating a ticking sound. Relying on the cover of night and the sound of falling rain, the narrator fled up a hill, hid in the hollow of a towering giant tree to treat his wound, temporarily escaping the pursuit of the outside beast. planet.

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    Wang Shidao: "It's funny. If you weren't old and old, you would have the status and benefits you have today? Divide the dynasty and divide the country, aren't you at fault? Why do you think that there is only old and Is old wrong? If what you do is still called right in the world, then I won't go with you."

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    In that case, let us bury the endless past and longing at the bottom of the well.

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    At this moment, the restriction emitted a cold light.

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    On Thien Dang mountain. Although Sheng Ningxin, the sword master of the Divine Sword Sect, was killed by Zhang Ning. The fall of the Divine Sword Sect was imminent, but at least it wouldn't collapse immediately. Li Lele, Wang Xiaogou and others surrounded Ning Xin's body, unable to suppress their grief. "Amitabha Buddha, there is a proverb that says, burying Ninh Tam is safe, bury Ninh Tam first." Master Nguyen Quang also walked to Ninh Tam's side, clasped his hands and sighed. "Okay." Li Lele glanced at the senior officials of the Divine Sword Sect present, and agreed to this matter. Immediately, master Yuan Guang, monk Yuan Xiu, and the Sword Sect masters took Ning Xin away. Before the high-ranking members of the Divine Sword Sect left, they stabilized the Divine Sword Sect. Not long after, on an unnamed mountain peak. This mountain is unremarkable and discreet like the sand and gravel in the southern mountains. It is like Mount Tiandang. If it weren't for the sword saint Ning Han, who founded the sword sect on Mount Tiandang, Mount Tiandang would be just an ordinary mountain. Li Lele and Master Yuanguang chose this mountain as Ning Xin's resting place. There are no tombstones, and no graves. Enjoying great fame throughout his life, after his death, not only did he not have a stele, but he also did not have a grave. It is important to know how many people have lost their families because of the Sword God Sect. If the enemies of the Sword God Sect knew where Ninh Tam's grave was, they would definitely dig up Ninh Tam's body and flog her. After the matter was resolved, Master Yuanguang and monk Yuanxiu said to Li Lele: "Amitabha, the poor monk is returning to Phap Hoa Temple. Sponsor Li will take care of it." Master Yuanguang nodded and left with monk Yuanxiu, wearing robes and slippers, walking peacefully. After the two left, only Li Lele, Wang Xiaogou, and a group of high-ranking members of the Divine Sword Sect remained on the mountain. There are some things that Master Nguyen Quang cannot say yet, but after Master Nguyen Quang leaves, he must say them. “Deputy leader, what should we do?” Left protector Li Sheng said to Li Lele. The high-ranking members of the Divine Sword Sect all looked at Li Lele. This question had both a literal meaning and a profound meaning. Sheng Ningxin, the leader of the Divine Sword Sect, was killed by Wuming, and the group of dragons in the Divine Sword Sect had nothing to do, it needed someone like Li Lele to take charge of the overall situation, to protect themselves during the storm upcoming. This sentence is essentially a request for Li Lele to quickly take the throne and give orders to the congregation. The high-ranking members of the Divine Sword Sect who had just buried their first leader were extremely scared, like mourning dogs. Li Lele was from Tianya Xiaoyao, so he shook his head and said: "The reason why I joined the Divine Sword Sect was because of Ninh Tam. Now that Ninh Tam is dead, I will also go to the gate of heaven and leave here world." . The Divine Sword Sect is up to you." At this moment, Li Lele paused, then said: "Before I leave, I will give you some advice. The Divine Sword Sect is too domineering. Ning Xin died. The dao sect is so famous, you can't keep it, so let's split up. Look for mountains, rivers and lakes, and spend the rest of your life in peace. " At this moment, Li Lele picked up his black piano, took one step, not missing a single step, free and comfortable. Although the ending was unexpected, it was the same for Li Lele, too. is a chance to escape from the sword sect. The so-called Qin In this disaster, Li Lele has been exposed to the world for too long because of the magic sword, and it is time to return to the original trajectory of life. Play in the world of humans, play in rivers and lakes. Leave this world in this way. After Li Lele left, the morale of the high-ranking members of the Divine Sword Sect was even lower and they fell into a state of panic, soon after, the Divine Sword Sect was disbanded. Except for Vuong Tieu Cau who stayed to guard Ninh Han's tomb, most people have disappeared, and there are still some people still walking on the rivers and lakes, but they can no longer overcome the storm. But the citadel and the disciples of the Sword God Sect in various places also suffered fierce attacks from different forces around the world. In a short time, the traces left by the Sword God Sect on rivers and lakes were almost completely erased. clean up. . Ten years of disaster. The Divine Sword Sect flourished quickly, but also quickly declined. As for Ninh Tam's body, it was Vo Danh Truong Ninh's reputation that flourished in the story of the demise of the Divine Sword Sect. There were countless experts who witnessed the battle between the two sides at that time. Zhang Ning used Fo Yuan, Ning Xin used Mo Yuan, thunder and lightning, the world strongly rejected these two bastards. The fight is short, like a streamer. Ninh Tam lost, Truong Ninh won. Although victory or defeat usually happened in the blink of an eye in a master's fight, it was too fast. The world number one of the previous generation and the world number one of this generation have been decided. In other words, there is no previous generation or this generation. The strongest person is forever nameless, without a name in the world, that is, invincible. Unless this nameless guy really leaves this world, and then the tallest person is chosen among the short ones, he will be the next best person in the world. Ning Xin fell, the Sword Sect was destroyed, making the anonymous Zhang Nhe famous, a legend in the world. Now in the arena, no one wants to touch the faceless tiger's whiskers anymore. But this place should also be lonely, as the saying goes, it's too cold up high. But this is just the speculation of ordinary people in rivers and lakes, they cannot climb to the top, and they do not know what it is like. I just know that altitude is extremely cold. But is it really like that? Zhang Ning just felt warm. Why? The reason is very simple. It is now September, the sun is very high, although Niu Nhi flies very high, but if the altitude is too high it will be very cold, but Niu Nhi has not yet flown to a high altitude and will feel cold. The warm sunlight falls on you and makes you warm. Furthermore, Zhang Ning is warm in body and heart. The so-called high places are unbearably cold, but the arrogant Ngo Tri feels that he is invincible in the world, afraid that there will no longer be anyone worthy of swinging a knife, leading to cold loneliness. But Zhang Ning is not a martial arts idiot. Zhang Ning has friends, beauties, disciples and a strange horse, his life is colorful, so he will not feel lonely. "Niu Er, Niu Er. Let's go out to play for a while, although it's not very fun, because they are all killing people. But we go out to play, leaving Ho Ky and Tu Tu at home. Why are we don't go buy some. It's easy to explain the return specials." Zhang Ning rubbed Niu Er's head, tilted his head and said. “Moo!” Niu Er happily turned around and called Zhang Ning, she was a greedy cow and she really wanted to go out and play. He wagged his tail excitedly, then walked towards Hangcheng. In mid-September, Zhang Ning returned to Qidu. It was a stormy afternoon, the lightning in the sky flashed like a dragon, under the torrential rain, everyone rushed to avoid it. The rain came very suddenly, and the streets were full of people hiding from the rain. As the saying goes, misfortune never comes alone. Although a heavy rain drowns people, it also washes away the heat of many days and brings some coolness to Qidu. In this majestic torrential rain, Zhang Ning rode Niu Er, like a dragon flying rain clouds in the sky, walking calmly amid the thunder and lightning, and then landed on Ningguo's mansion. This is the courtyard where the Liu family lived. Liu and Liu's parents were not seen in the courtyard, but Ly Huanqi and Liu Xiu were playing cards under the porch. Thunder and rain, but the wind is not strong. It is cool under the awning and will not be attacked by wind and rain. As for playing cards, this is a type of metal card popular among the Dai Qi aristocracy. There are many rules and decks of cards that Truong Ninh does not understand very well. “Brother Zhang, you are back.” Ly Hoan Ky naturally saw Truong Ninh first, put down the metal plate, and jumped up excitedly. Liu Xiuxiu was a beat slow, but she also advanced. The two girls grabbed Zhang Ning, who had just escaped Niu Er's body, each holding one of Zhang Ning's arms. Zhang Ning was so helpless that she couldn't move. After a long while, her two daughters let go of Zhang Ning, and Zhang Ning was free to touch her children's heads, then took the treasures from Hangzhou and brought them back from Hangzhou. Wanbaofan. Many specialties. Lots of delicious and fun food. "So many things." Little Sister Ly and Liu Xiu Xiu each cheered, immediately threw up a mountain of gifts and specialties, and happily played. Not long after, the entire Ningguo Palace was panicked. Liu's father, Liu's mother, Liu Qiuqiu, Mrs. Jin, Li Yuanxiong and others all came, but after a lot of agitation, they left again. Zhang Ning was in Liu Xiuxiu's room, Zhang Ning sat cross-legged on the floor, Liu Xiuxiu sat in his arms, and his younger sister Li was lying on her stomach not far away, eating the wonderful pastries that Zhang Ning brought Coming back from Hangzhou, a pair of calves were raised, constantly swaying. "Mr. Truong, what are you doing? Why did it take you so long to get there?" Ly's sister stuffed a piece of cake into her mouth and turned to ask Truong Ninh. Liu Xiuxiu didn't care, she fell asleep in Zhang Ning's arms like a kitten. "Hey, I was just going for a walk. I'll just return the knife while I'm there." Truong Ninh tilted his head, then patted the magic knife placed parallel to the Buddha knife and said. "OH." The younger sister named Ly actually didn't pay much attention, just asked casually. At this moment, the news of the collapse of the Divine Sword Sect had not yet reached Qidu. After all, news in this world is not fast, Zhang Ning and Niu Er are moving very fast. The incident happened on September 7, but the person involved returned to Qidu in mid-September. After Zhang Ning returned, peaceful days passed for ten days, until ten days later, news about The demonic and anonymous cult spread to Qidu. Although the power of the Divine Sword Sect is not very strong in Gyeonggi, it is because the strongest force in Gyeonggi is the imperial court, and the imperial court governs Gyeonggi like an iron wall. However, the destruction of the Divine Sword Sect still caused an earthquake in Qidu. People in the rivers and lakes, people in the court all looked at Ninh Cong's mansion in awe, even though they did not see the invincible sir. But also feel scared. It was like a knife, a magic knife, always emitting a sharp breath, making people unable to breathe. Many people from rivers, lakes and the royal court visited Li Yuanxiong, the Duke of Ning, but no one visited Zhang Ning. Because no one knows what this anonymous man is thinking. Although everyone wanted to have a relationship with this unknown man, they did not dare to be gentle. When a good man looks for a good woman, don't be rude to a beautiful woman. He wants to please the peerless master, but he is also worried that he will flatter the horse's feet and cause trouble for the superior. Therefore, in front of King Ninh's mansion there was a lot of traffic, but the small yard where Truong Ninh was located seemed to be an anonymous Buddhist temple deep in the mountains, clean and deserted. But people in the human world, because there are so many people, there will always be trouble. Ning Guogong Li Yuanxiong can shelter Zhang Ning from wind and rain, but there are always people that Li Yuanxiong cannot hide from. Li Yuanxiong was an important minister of the imperial court, because Zhang Ning protected the mansion of the Duke of Ningguo, so his status, power and prestige were all top in the sky. Today the sun is shining, the autumn tiger is still showing its strength, so the weather is a bit hot. Li Yuanxiong was resting today and was invited to drink with several Dukes and Master Hou. After the luncheon, I came back after eating. After returning, Ly Nguyen Hung's expression was a bit solemn, hesitated for a moment, and asked the guard in front of the door: "Brother Truong is going out?" Sighing, Li Yuanxiong clasped his hands behind his back and entered the palace. Duke, and saw Zhang Ning knitting a bamboo hat in the yard. Zhang Ning is weaving bamboo hats, while Liu Xiuxiu is taking care of flowers and plants. “Brother Zhang.” Ly Nguyen Hung went to Truong Ninh to bow. “What's wrong?” Truong Ninh took off his bamboo hat and asked with a glance. The partition wall has ears, the owner is not difficult to hear even a mile away. So if there is something important that needs to be kept secret, it should be in the secret room. Li Yuanxiong moved his fingers and wrote on the ground with his true energy. Three words, Queen Ly. But it is said that Li Yuanba and Li Queen had a bad relationship in the past, and then Lao Yan broke up. Li Yuanxiong knew Empress Li, and he had been following Empress Li's ass and calling her sister-in-law for many years. Now Queen Li is imprisoned in the palace. Li Yuanxiong had just drank wine with several princes and Marquis. Empress Li sent a distressed message through someone else's mouth. Li Yuanxiong, out of nostalgia, softened her heart for a while and went to see Zhang Ning. Seeing this, Truong Ninh understood the cause and effect, took a breath, blew out three words on the ground, smiled and said: "I didn't help you before, I won't help you today either." "I understand It's gone. " Li Yuanxiong sighed and nodded. Now, Queen Mother Ly has lost her power, the little emperor is just a puppet, the power in the court is controlled by Ba Vuong Marquis Duong Hanh. Queen Ly was kept quiet in the palace, not only was there someone by her side sent by Duong Hung, but the little emperor was also difficult to see. But under such circumstances, Queen Ly can still broadcast news. It's really possible. It's just that the information obtained is desperate. There is no one in the world who can help her except Wuming. no one. In the palace, on the phoenix bed. Although the palace was magnificent, to her it was like a prison. No matter how magnificent the prison cell is, what good is it? Empress Li wore plain clothes, just like that day. But the description is haggard, no longer gorgeous, only desperate. Queen Ly remembered all the past events and couldn't help but feel regretful. What she regrets is that she actually did many wrong things in her life. The first thing was to abolish Ly Nguyen Ba, marry the first emperor, and become empress. If he knew Truong Ninh was so powerful, even if he instigated Ly Nguyen Ba to usurp the throne, he would still become queen. If Li Yuanba wants to usurp the throne, can Zhang Ning help? The second thing is to disobey Truong Ninh and plot to kill Truong Ba Cong. Zhang Baigong's death cut her life short. In other words, she was just a pawn in it. The person who planned to kill Zhang Baigong that day had many powers, and she was just one of them, and there were deeper people lurking in there. For example, Jin Changhen, the commander of Jinyiwei who gave Zhang Baigong a legendary knife, later learned from Queen Li that he belonged to Bowang Hou Yangxing. In addition, there are many masters of unknown origin. “I thought I was a chess player, but I was just a chess piece.” Queen Ly laughed in despair, then pulled out her belt and hanged herself. That night, the Queen Mother died.

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    Wang Shi smelled the faint fragrance, his pale eyebrows could not help but frown slightly, his figure gradually became illusory, then his right hand turned into a palm, he stepped forward to catch it, the back of his hand touched the tree. whip, tinged with a trace of darkness.

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    His eyes were red from crying, and his heart-wrenching scream echoed throughout the cave, causing an echo.

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    Years of searching in vain, in despair, the narrator finally chose to come here, a forbidden place in the world's legends.

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    Those who are taboo are not allowed to speak out. The vastness of this place is difficult to see from a height.